Master Studies


Aims of this study programme are:

  • students acquire theoretical, general, specific and methodological knowledge in the field of sustainable agriculture and sustainability systems, thus creating a broad raw material base for the development of the modern processing industry in our country, including the most recent technological knowledge existing in the world;
  • by educating highly-specialized experts and meeting specified preconditions, the real foundations are created for successful and quick reintegration of domestic agriculture into contemporary European and world trends.

Professional (academic) title: Master in Agricultural Engineering

The volume of studies: 60 ECTS

Admission terms:

  • Applicants who have completed undergraduate studies are eligible for the enrollment in Master academic studies.
  • In order to enroll in Specialist academic studies, in addition to students with completed Master studies, all those who have achieved VII-1 degree of education according to the regulations that were valid until the entry into force of the Law on Higher Education from 2005, are eligible.
  • Completed studies in the related field with the grade point average not lower than 8
  • The enrollment will take place every working day from 10 am to 3 pm.
Teoretske i eksperimentalne metode naučno istraživačkog rada 8
Biostatistika 7
Ekologija i zaštita životne sredine 8
Izborni predmet 1 - jedan od dva modula7
Izborni predmet 2 - jedan od dva modula7
Stručna praksa 3
Diplomski rad20
Sistemi odgajivanja goveda 7
Ekološko upravljanje proizvodnjom goveđeg mesa i mleka 7
Tehnologija mleka i mlečnih proizvoda 7
Reprodukcija domaćih životinja 7
Ekološke principi povrtarske proizvodnje 7
Ekološke principi ratarske proizvodnje 7
Zaštita biljaka u organskoj poljoprivredi 7
Menadžment zemljišta i voda 7