Transfer from other universities to Megatrend

Transfer from other universities to Megatrend

It is possible to quickly and easily transfer from foreign and domestic universities to the appropriate study program, without taking the entrance exam. Passed exams at other universities are recognized if they correspond to the study program of the chosen faculty.

When transferring to our university you need to submit a certificate of passed exams from the faculty you are transferring, and fill in an application form at the students’ service. On the basis of submitted application data and adequate documents, the Commission of Megatrend University determines the best proposal for enrollment:

The number of recognized exams

The number of differential exams and the proposal for enrollment in the appropriate year of studies

Documents you need when transferring to Megatrend University:

1) Certificate of passed exams from previous studies ( If you are transferring from another university to our faculty)

2) Copy of the passport

3) A copy of the translated diploma from the previous level of education

4) Two photos 3,5 x 4,5 for index

If you have any questions regarding enrollment, you can contact the head of the student service via e-mail: