The Faculty of Geoeconomics

The Faculty of Geoeconomics

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Why study at Faculty of Geoeconomics?

The GEF study program provides theoretical, contextual and practical knowledge in the area of the economy of the regions. The uniqueness of the program is reflected in the macroeconomic and multidisciplinary approach to the study of the region. In addition to economics as the basic scientific discipline, this concept of studying introduces students to the study of the geographical, historical, cultural and linguistic characteristics of a region, including its international position. Furthermore, it is important to note that the regional level of analysis is complemented both by global and national themes and specifics.



The following accredited study programs are realized at the Faculty of Geoeconomics:

International economics and finance

The program is intended for students who wish to gain analytical knowledge in international economics, finance and banking. The program is based on the experience of renowned universities in the world with a modern multidisciplinary approach, providing basic knowledge in the field of socio-political, scientific and technological and historical development of different regions of the world and particular national economies. The specificity of the program relies on a wide offer of foreign languages. In addition to compulsory English in the first two years of studying, the student can choose one of the six foreign languages offered – German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese during the third and fourth year of studying.

International Business Economics

The study program of International Business Economics offers economic knowledge and skills applicable in the practice of international and domestic companies. The program represents a response to the dynamic trends of change in the international business environment, the need for new knowledge and competences, as well as the skills that economists are expected to demonstrate in businesses, economic and state institutions. This program is based on the current trends of development of economic science and profession, in both international and domestic framework.

Master Academic Studies

The Faculty of Geoeconomics (The Faculty of International Economics) enrolls students in two master study programs:


(performed as a joint program with the Faculty of Business Studies).

PhD academic studies

The Faculty of Geoeconomics (The Faculty of International Economics) in cooperation with the Faculty of Business Studies enrolls students into a joint program of PhD studies in economics. The studies last  three years (180 ECTS), and upon their completion, students gain the title of PhD in Economics, according to the Law on Higher Education.