Why should you choose Megatrend University?

Tradition guarantees quality, and our university is the oldest and largest private university in the region.

In the three new business buildings in Belgrade, which are not rented but owned by the University, there are more than 8,000 square meters of the most modern decorated space for studying, of which the building in Bulevar Marsala Tolbuhina 8 in New Belgrade is the most modern and beautiful academic premises in the Balkans.

Based on many years of experience, the University uses a method of studying that guarantees creativity, knowledge and information for achieving success.

The studying includes a number of different teaching forms, which are interactive and harmonized with modern teaching methods (lectures, practical work, exercises, seminars, workshops, simulations, role plays, etc.). However, what gives an exceptional quality to this way of studying is a large number of classes devoted to individual consultations with professors – which, depending on students’ demands, can be much higher than obligatory teaching, and it practically individualizes studying, adapting to the needs of each student. This practice is a characteristic of the best European and world universities.


A special way of studying enables students to pass a half of exam material through pre-exam activities for a large number of courses.


This way of studying at our university lasts on average 4.7 years, which is at the level of the most efficient universities.