Faculty of Management Zajecar

Faculty of Management Zajecar

The Faculty of Management provides training, development of business skills at all levels of higher education – Undergraduate vocational studies of management and business, Undergraduate academic studies of business and management, Undergraduate academic studies of economics.

– Studies at the Faculty which was accredited in 2015,

– Studies at the Faculty which was ranked among 1000 best faculties of business and management in the world, by the International Scientific Committee “EDUNIVERSAL OFFICIAL SELECTION”,

–  Modern and accredited study programs of business, management and economics, in compliance with the educational system of the Republic of Serbia on the principles of the Bologna Declaration,

– Distance Learning Studies (DLS),

– Lectures by eminent professors from domestic and foreign higher education institutions,

–  International educational, science and research cooperation,

– Quality teaching staff and market orientation of the teaching process,

– Well-equipped amphitheater, classrooms, computer lab,

– Library with over 4000 scientific and professional publications,

– ECDL courses and free wireless internet access,

– Modern students’ club “MANAGER”,

– Students’ engagement in the Student Parliament in the realization of extracurricular activities:

– Organization of quality, attractive and affordable ABD excursions,

– Organization of charities,

– Organization of sports and culture events,

– Editing of students’ magazine “Megatrender”

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Why study at the Faculty of Management?

In addition to providing the students with a broad knowledge of economics, business and management, the study programs give the opportunity for all ambitious students to be actively involved in the teaching and scientific research process. Together with teachers and associates, they can participate in the development and implementation of scientific and research and development projects. There are 29 teachers in the teaching process, 22 with the scientific title of Doctor of Science, 5 teachers with the scientific title of Master of Science and 2 teacher of foreign language. Fourteen full-time associates are employed at the institution, ten of which are assistants, and four are teaching associates. In the last five years, the teachers and associates have published over 600 scientific and professional papers published in international and domestic scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences.

The faculty library has over 4000 library units (textbooks and professional literature) that are intended for students and teachers in the realization of study programs. In addition to the realization of the study programs, the faculty is successful in organizing seminars in the fields of computer science, foreign languages, management in healthcare and tourism, ECDL courses…


The Faculty of Management offers the following accredited study programs:

Undergraduate studies of business and management

The aims of the study program: the main goal of education on the proposed vocational program of business and management is the acquiring the overall competencies of management in business and production systems of small and medium level which is realized by managing and analyzing economic indicators of business activities. Top quality is guaranteed by the quality of the program, the quality of strategic partners, the quality of lecturers, and the quality of students.

Graduate academic studies of business and management

The main goal of the program is to introduce students into a wide range of theoretical and practical principles of business and management. The students will be able to understand the key functions of management, and will also have the ability to apply basic managerial skills, such as problem solving, team work, communication, decision making in situations of uncertainty and crisis, etc. The study program also includes a behavioral approach which in particular emphasizes the qualitative aspects of management.

Graduate academic studies of economics

The aim of the study program is to educate economic experts whose competences will be of a general character, with a wide and comprehensive insight into academic knowledge and practical work in the field of economics and business management. Functionally speaking, the aim of the study program is to provide students with basic knowledge, concepts, strategies and skills of contemporary research, creation, planning, realization, monitoring and control of economic and business phenomena and problems, on behavioral, as well as strong and reliable quantitative and statistical basis.

Master academic studies of economics

Structure and contents of Master academic studies of economics are in accordance with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia, Standards and Recommendations and additional instructions for the preparation of documentation for accreditation. Aims of the study program: training of students for critical assessment and application of existing knowledge in practice, research and development of new knowledge in the field of economic sciences.

Doctoral studies of economics and natural resources management

The purpose of the study program is primarily to contribute to further development of scientific fields of economics and management, especially in the part relating to natural resources and sustainable development for which the study program is organized and for which the Faculty is competent.

At the same time, the purpose of the study program is to contribute to the training of students for independent and original scientific research of phenomena and problems related to natural resources (renewable and non-renewable), primarily from an economic point of view.