Doctoral studies

The main objective of the study program, given that it is on doctoral studies, is education of experts of the highest level, by world standards, capable of independent scientific research and the most responsible jobs in the industry. The program is fully in line with the Law on Higher Education and has also been done in accordance with the recommendations from the document “Doctoral Programs for the European Knowledge Society – Report on the EUA Doctoral Programs Project”, which in 2005 the European University Association published. It is compliant with all EU rules because it is shared with accredited doctoral program of the University Primorska.

Duration: 6 semesters

The title of the study program: Computer Science

Scientific degree: Doctor of Science- Computer Science

ECTS credits: 180

(upon completion it is possible to obtain two diplomas, one of Megatrend University, and another of the University of Primorska, accredited in the EU)






Metode naučno-istraživačkog rada
Procesiranje digitalnih slika
Soft kompjuting
Računarske mreže
Inteligentni sistemi
Istraživanje podataka
Napredna arhitektura računara
Naučna izračunavanja
Algoritmi i izračunljivost
Interakcija čoveka i računara
Računarske komunikacije
Teorija grafova

Izborni predmet 1 12
Izborni predmet 2 12
Studijski istraživački rad 1 6
Izborni predmet 3 12
Izborni predmet 4 12
Studijski istraživački rad 26
Izborni predmet 5 12
Studijski istraživački rad 3 18
Studijski istraživački rad 430
Studijski istraživački rad 530
Izrada doktorske disertacije30