Master Studies

The purpose of the study program Computer Science at Faculty of Computer Science (published on the website of the Faculty) is the education of competent experts of the advanced level for a variety of occupations in the field of computer science that are in demand in the market, domestic and international. These occupations include different programmers, who can work in different environments and with different tools.

In ratio of hardware and software is balanced in the study program what gives students better employment and successful work in all these places. An additional important advantage is that students through regular classes get some of the globally recognized certification (or equivalent knowledge, with the possibility of a special taking exams) such as CEH from EC-Council and MCSA SQL Server.

After completing the study program, you acquire the title: Master in Informatics.

Four years – 2 semesters – 60 ECTS credits.

Metode naučno-istraživačkog rada 3
Baze podataka 6
Procesiranje digitalnih slika 7
Studijski istraživački rad 1 6
Diplomski završni rad 1 8
Soft kompjuting 7
Izborni predmet
-Operaciona istraživanja
-Napredna sigurnost računarskih mreža
Studijski istraživački rad 2 8
Diplomski završni rad 28