Faculty of Culture and Media – Master studies

Study program title:

Master Academic Studies of Management in Culture and Media, Public Relations and Journalism

 The main goal of the study program Master Academic Studies of Management in Culture and Media, Public Relation and Journalism at the Faculty of Culture and Media is to train candidates to respond with quality and competence to new, complex and redefined requirements of cultural establishments and the media, PR agencies and public relations services, editorial offices and mass media companies, suited to the global order and processes of accelerated social changes.

The study program is a two-semester theoretical-professional continuance of undergraduate studies at the equivalent faculty, aimed at better understanding and improvement of numerous forms of communication practice in the field of cultural artistic political marketing and public communication.

The program is realized through three elective modules, making it unique in our country.

Volume of studies: 60 ECTS

Profession (academic title) acquired: Master Culturogist

Compulsory and collective subjects for all modulesSemester

Cultural policy and cultural action18
Methodology of applied research17
Media system in Serbia16
Communication strategy19
Culture and Media moduleSemesterECTS
Compulsory subject
Culture and new media28
Elective subjects

a) Elective subjects
Media relations

b) Globalization and culture27
Journalism moduleSemesterECTS
Compulsory subject
Journalism in conflict and crises situations28
Elective subjects
a) Graphic communication culture27
b) Geopolitics and media27
Public Relations moduleSemesterECTS
Compulsory subject
Marketing in art28
Elective subjects
a) Ethics, motivation and communication27
b) Audio-visual media semiotics 27
Study research work25
Final Master paper210