14.07.2021 Strategic partnership established between Megatrend University and Russian New University “RosNOU”

Megatrend University, represented by the Special advisor to Rector Miloš Ivković, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Zernov Vladimir Alekseevic, Founder and Rector of the Russian New University (RosNOU). According to all indicators, RosNOU is one of the most developed universities in the Russian Federation, especially in the circle of private academic institutions. RosNOU was founded in 1991, and to this day has developed a structure with 21 branches throughout Russia. RosNOU is distinguished by an exceptional teaching staff that also includes: Marry Gell-Mann, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics; Alexander Bessmertnykh, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, Alexei Leonov, double hero of the USSR and cosmonaut No. 11; Alexander Sukharev, the last Prosecutor General of the USSR, a participant in the Nuremberg Trials as a lawyer; Mihael Nobel, President of the Nobel Family.

“The goal of cooperation between our two universities is the mutual enrichment of academic, scientific and cultural activities. We plan to align all academic programs, including in English, with Megatrend University programs. At the current stage, the formation of a working group for the harmonization of current issues arises, with special emphasis on the establishment of the physical presence of Megatrend University at RosNOU, as well as, on a parity basis, the presence of RosNOU in Serbia”

Georgii Gabreliyan
Head of the International Department of RosNOU

“The relations between our states and peoples are extremely favorable, and we are united by unbreakable ties, both through history and through culture and tradition. For that reason, it is natural for our structures to gravitate towards each other. Megatrend in RosNOU sees more than commercial cooperation – we see friends and partners with whom we can achieve exceptional success in the domestic and international academic environment. We believe that by working together we can channel the creative impulse, for the intellectual and experiential enrichment of our students.”


Milos Ivkovic
Special Adviser to the Rector