Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić, rector, welcomed Milica Mandić, student of our University, on Wednsday February 20th, to congratulate her on her newest accomplishment – the golden medal she has won on the recent International competition in Taekwondo in Antalya, Turkey.

Milica Mandić successfully graduated from Faculty of Culture and Media in public relations, after which she enrolled in master studies on the same Faculty, where again she achieved solid results, despite her heavy sports duties. Milica’s biography is filled with series of golden medals, including the golden medal on the London Olimpics (2012) ; that was the first Olimpic golden medal in the history of Serbian sport.

While receiving congratulations and a suitable present from rector Jevtić, Milica said she’s not missing energy to fight for even better positions of Serbia on the sports scene, and the public scene in general. She also said she regularly brings her textbooks to study on her trips, whereas she wants to perfect her communication knowledge. After finishing master studies, Milica Mandić plans to continue on PhD studies on Megatrend University, and her decision is supported by the administration of University, professors and students.

„ You are a flag of knowledge, operational moral, beauty and naturality, raised high, which makes Megatrend University and our whole Academic community, an honor.“, said rector Jevtić, at the end of the modest ceremony. He has announced the activation of our ALUMNI – Club, that gathers our ex and current students of Megatrend University. Milica Mandić is standing on the top of the list of our finished students that are achieving enviable results on different areas of economy, social, culture, sports, media and other creatorship.