Mića Jovanović visits the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovations of France


Professor Mića Jovanović, Rector of Megatrend University was on a one-day visit to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovations of France. He was received at the Ministry by Minister Frédérique Vidal and the President of the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne Georges Haddad. In the conversation that lasted more than one hour, the reputation of Megatrend University in France was emphasised and the cooperation between our University and Sorbonne University was initiated.

Professor Jovanović spoke of the successful multi-decade cooperation of Megatrend University and French higher education institutions, such as the Grenoble School of Management and SKEMA Business School from Nice (Sophia Antipolis). He also mentioned that the reputable professor Jean-Jacques Chanaron has been teaching at Megatrend for almost thirty years, along with professor sIgor and Grichka Bogdanov, professor Christophe de Jaeger, one of world’s leading experts in the field of human longevity and many others.

Professor Georges Haddad stated that the cooperation between Megatrend and Sorbonne Universities would certainly contribute to improving the traditionally good France-Serbia relations.

Jovanović and Haddad agreed for the cooperation to be in the field of organising joint basic academic and master studies, with reputable professors from Sorbonne holding lectures, whereby the students would get two diplomas after completing their studies, from Sorbonne University and Megatrend University.

Contract between the two universities is expected to be signed soon.

Photo: Professors Vidal, Haddad and Jovanović after the conversation at Sorbonne