Emilia Despot, a first-year student at Megatrend University Law School, won first place in this year’s, RHETORIC COMPETITION held on May 30 at our University’s largest amphitheater.


This was the ninth competition in nurturing beautiful words and rhetorical skills. The competition was organized by the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Law, with the support of colleagues from the Faculty of Culture and Media.


On behalf of the University administration, and prof. Prof. Mica Jovanovic, Rector, was welcomed by prof. Prof. Dragan Đurđević, Ph.D., Vice-Rector, followed by Assist. Dr. Andrija Blanus, Dean of the Faculty of Law, declared the competition open.


Fifteen law students competed: Dimitrije Jaksic, Ana Maricic, Marko Savovic, Andrej Sokic, Milica Stankovic, Ognjen Stosic, Emilia Despot, Luka Petrovic, Milica Pavlovic, Dimitrije Aksentijevic, Kristina Kovacevic, Nikolina Ercegovac, Jovana Stankovic, Milo Timić, Bojan Timic Lutovac.


Before the competition began, three students of the Faculty of Culture and Media, Nina Simic, Nikola Knezevic and Julijana Pavicevic, spoke verses of our famous poets written during NATO’s aggression on Serbia two decades ago.


The jury consisting of professors of the Faculty of Culture and Media Dragan Nikodijevic (president) and Milivoje Pavlovic, and Boban Dodic, professor of Serbian at Dimitrije Davidovic Law School in Zemun, praised the organization of this year’s young vocabulary review and reach.


The jury made all decisions unanimously.


First-prize Emilia Despot spoke the word “Love.”


Two other awards went to Ana Maricic and Kristina Kovacevic, and the third prize went to Nikola Ercegovac, Bojan Timic and Dimitrije Aksentijevic.


The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Andrew Blanus, presented the awardees with diplomas and gifts.


The successful host of the final event was Assist. Dr. Slobodan Petrovic.