FUD Doctoral studies

The goals of the study program of doctoral studies in applied arts and design is the education of independent artists and designers, through complex theoretical and practical work, as complex and free artistic personalities, socially responsible, able to independently deal with the widest possible aspects of artistic creativity.

Owing to the modern approach and harmonization with the demands of the market, upon acquiring the diploma, the students of the Faculty of Arts and Design are trained for independent professional work, which is why they are in high demanded on the labor market. In addition, during studies our students achieve exceptional results in the exhibition artwork as well as in the work with the companies that express their readiness to exchange creative ideas.

The volume of studies: 180 ECTS

The title obtained: PhD in ARTS – applied arts and design

Doctoral studies last three year, i.e. six semesters.

Enrollment conditions:

  • graduated academic degree in art (300 ESPB) or related programs with the equivalence of the program and vocation
  • Overall average grade achieved in graduate studies not less than 8.5 (eight and a half);
  • evaluate not less than 9 (nine) on the graduate / final exam

Criteria for ranking candidates are achieved success in previous education, evaluation of attached art works and CVs of candidates by the Commission made up of mentors at doctoral studies.


Obligatory subjects:
1. Art poetics of XX century 1 and 2
2. Method and approach
3. Artistic-research method 1 and 2
4. Exhibits
5. Theory of Art 1 and 2
6. Research study work 1 and 2
7. Doctoral Art Project

These subjects choose the student according to their own affinity:
Experimental graphic design 1
Scenography strategy in classic and new media 1
Integrated design and interior
Theory of creativity
Creative design
Digital photography 1
Experimental graphic design 2
Scenography strategy in classic and new media 2
Research process in industrial design
Theory of creativity 2
Object reconstruction ‒ modern approach
Digital photography 2
Experimental graphic design 3
Scenography strategy in classic and new media 3
Natural and landscape architecture 1
Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Applied Design
Ambience Art and Design
Digital photography 3
Experimental graphic design 4
Scenography strategy in classic and new media 4
Art and Design
Natural and landscape architecture 2
New art techniques
Digital photography 4