First creative workshop of online journalism on Megatrend

The workshop will be held on the 28th of February, from 10am – 13pm in the classroom S1 on Megatrend University, after which, there will be organised 10 days of 4h daily practice on online portal.

Plan of the workshop and lecturers:

– 10am till 10:30am – Marko Stjepanović – editor in chief of

Theme: What the young journalist don’t know, and what should they be taught.

– 10:45am till 11:15am – Aleksandar Krunić, duty editor of portal

Theme: How to write chronicle news and be the quickest, while respecting the Law and Codex

– 11:30am till 12pm – Vojin Jovanović – editor in chief of

Theme: Using of CMS, the most important things to know.

– 12:15pm till 12:45pm – Goran Lalić – editor in chief of

Theme: What should you know before you engage in online journalism?