Joint graduate study program (master): Banking and finance

Study program: graduate studies (master) – Finance and Banking.

The study program is realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Geo-economics (Faculty of

International Economics) Megatrend University.

The aim of the study program is education and training of students in the field of finance and
banking in order to:
• acquire knowledge and ability to comprehend the basic contemporary theories and models in the field of finance and banking;
• study systematically the concepts and techniques of bank management, financial engineering with special emphasis on structural financial products and financial risk management;
• get acquainted with the modern procedures for finance analysis in order to optimize decision-making in banks, other financial institutions and enterprises;
• apply the acquired professional, scientific and methodological knowledge in an organization and  improve their own professional abilities and further scientific and professional development.

Award title: master of economics.

Bulevar maršala Tolbuhina 8 (former name of the street: Goce Delčeva 8),
New Belgrade, 011/220 30 90, 220 30 23

Courses SemesterECTS
- I Academic general courses5
Economics in Finance and Banking17
- II Theoretical-methodological courses
International Finance and Banking15
- III Scientific courses
Financial Markets and Instruments15
Financial Reports and Analysis25
Elective courses (Students choose 2 courses out of 5 courses)

IV Technical-applied courses
-European Monetary and Financial Law
-Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments
-Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
-E-business in Finance and Banking
-Financial Risk Management