Literary Newspaper, a newspaper for literature and social issues that has been published in Belgrade for seven decades, dedicated more than half its page to the activities of students of the Faculty of Culture and Media in its latest issue, which appeared in early June.


Entitled “Verses and Graffiti Against Aggression,” the newspaper affirmatively writes about a program that FKM students performed at the Cultural Center “Cukarica”, Ban’s Hill, Belgrade, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the criminal bombing of Serbia by 19 economically most developed countries in the West.


The newspaper recalls that, contrary to the old Latin saying that during the time of cannonballs, they were silent, our defiant Slovenian and Serbian muse gave vent to the patriot’s inspiration and spoke aloud in the most difficult circumstances. Our most distinguished poets wrote, in the spring of 1999, verses which, the newspaper notes, are “evidence of an instinctive and conscious belief in freedom”; they are “a testimony of our Orpheus’ affection for the birthright and the hearth,” in spite of all their troubles.


FKM students read selected fragments of this small “poetry of history” authored by Stevan Raičković, Matija Becković, Ljubivoje Ršumović, Milovan Vitezović, Dragan Kolundzija, Radomir Andrić, Miroljub Todorović, Rajko Petrov Nogo and other prominent Serbian creators. In the second part of the program, students read the selection of graffiti from the walls of the streets of Belgrade and other Serbian cities as a relatively new sociocultural and literary phenomenon. “And a valuable part of our rebellious literary and cultural heritage speaks from the walls,” the newspaper writes, “because the tough Serbian people defended themselves from bombs as they knew and could, most of all with spirit, song and curse, and sometimes cursing.”




The Literary newspaper lists the names of the students who performed this program in front of the Cultural Center full hall, and presents their group photo. These are: Nikola Knezevic, Nevena Vukasinovic, Milos Skrbic, Predrag Kosovac and Teodora Kusacek. Five selected poems from this anthology selection have also been published. He prepared and gave the introductory speech to this literary matinee prof. Milivoje Pavlovic. The dean of prof. Dragan Nikodijevic.