A memorandum of cooperation between this higher education institution and the Union of Employers of Serbia was signed at Megatrend University. This document provides for the education of Union members at one of the 12 Megatrend faculties, at all levels of study. Union members will receive a 20 percent discount on tuition costs, and members of their families will benefit from the same benefits.


Addressing the participants before signing, the President of the University prof. Dr. Mica Jovanovic pointed to a large space for cooperation between the largest private university in Serbia (marking three decades of work) and the reputable Serbian Employers Association, which is just celebrating a quarter of a century of operation. Prof. dr. Jovanovic noted that the Union, with its thousands of members, is an important factor in Serbia’s economic and social development, which, in its own way, relies on its educational and scientific resources as well as Megatrend.


The University president informed the audience that prestigious recognition had come from India – Megatrend was listed among the top ten European universities. With previous recognition from Sarajevo, where Megatrend was voted the best in Europe by 47 private universities, this good news is, according to Prof. Jovanovic, the announcement of a new successful growth phase, the oldest and largest private higher education institution in Serbia.


Prof. dr. Miodrag Jevtic, Rector of Megatrend, said before signing the Memorandum that he was convinced that partnership with the Union would be of mutual benefit. Union members will be educated at a university whose economics curriculum has long been recognized and valued, and Megatrend students will be able to practice in the diverse activities of the business entities that this association brings together. Our common goal is to provide the society and its economy with better educated young people, who should seek and find their future in Serbia and not abroad, said Prof. Jevtic.


“We are honored to be here and to sign a document with a reputable educational institution,” said Milos Nenezic, President of the Employers Union at the beginning of his address. He addressed the attendees on behalf of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, whose Assembly he chairs, and on behalf of the well-known Trajal Corporation, of which he is a director. “We are delighted that students here study in modern classrooms and classrooms, that you have ambitious and competent teachers, that you cooperate with prestigious foreign scientific and educational institutions, and that you nurture disparate forms of extracurricular activities,” said Mr. Nenezic.


The memorandum was signed by Rector Jevtic and President Nenezic.