Member of the Megatrend University Alumni Club, prominent sports journalist Nedeljko Iljukic, received the May Award, the highest socio-sports recognition in Serbia.


Iljukic completed his journalism studies at the Faculty of Culture and Media. He was the editor of the Belgrade section of Vecernje Novosti, and is now a commentator on the sports section of this newspaper.


He is the organizer of the first gathering of members of the Alumni Club recently held at Megatrend, bringing together a number of former students of our university who, as “pearls scattered around the world” from Bajaga’s poem, act on various points of Serbia and the planet. Iljukic is a member of the Alumni Club’s senior management.


The May Award was presented on May 24 at a ceremony held in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.


Professors and students at Megatrend’s faculties congratulate my colleague Iljukić on their high recognition and wish him every success.