Megatrend University is entering its fourth decade with new leadership. By the decision of the Council, headed by Academician Ljubisa Rakic, the new rector of the oldest private higher education institution in the region (founded in 1989) has been named prof. Mica Jovanovic, PhD

Prof. dr. Jovanovic is a prominent scholar and public figure. He started his academic career immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade (1976). He holds a PhD in Organizational Sciences Management. Until 1989, he worked at the University of Belgrade, and then founded the Megatrend Business School – the embryo of a future University, which today has 12 faculties with forty accredited study programs. Jovanovic has published nineteen books and one hundred scientific and professional papers. In the previous period he had already been elected Rector of Megatrend University. He is the holder of several international and national decorations and recognitions.


“The labor market has recognized the value of the staff being educated at this University and the quality of knowledge with which they leave the school,” says Prof. Jovanovic. “With their excellent results in practice, graduates of our University are best able to break the stereotypes of private education and to combat lump sum disqualifications and unfair accusations, affirming the fact that public values ​​are acquired independently of property relations in the education sector.”