At the sitting of Megatrend University Council, which was chaired by the academician Ljubisa Rakic, prof. dr Miodrag Jevtic, former vice rector, was chosen for the new rector of this high educational institution.

Prof. Jevtic is a prominent scientific and pedagogical worker. For many years he was the mayor of VMA (Military Medical Academy), and afterwards he was the first rector of University of Defense. He is the author of numeral scientific papers, a member of New York Academy of Science and a member of many other domestic and foreign scientific and professional associations. He is the holder of numeral high awards and medals for public and scientific activities, including the Order of Saint Sava.

During his speech about taking his new duty, prof. Jevtic has given his vision of further development of Megatrend academic family, which is uniting the activities of 12 faculties in four scientific-educational and artistic fields on the level of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, while at the same time greeting the employers and reputable officials and thanking the founder and the owner of the University, prof. dr Mica Jovanovic. “Our oldest and biggest private university – which is entering his fourth decade of work – desires to become even more open for the most gifted part of the younger population, offering polyvalence and modernity of its study programs, modern classrooms and cabinets, didactically the most favorable proportion of theoretical and practical teaching, with the possibility of trainings and engagements in some of the most reputable domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions”, prof. dr Miodrag Jevtic said during the ceremony.

Former rector of the Megatrend University, prof. dr Mica Jovanovic, has been named for the honorable president of the University.