Successful 41st Conference on Economic and Social Development


On May 22, 2019, the 41st International Scientific Conference on “Economic and Social Development” was held at the Megatrend University in Belgrade. The conference was organized in cooperation with Megatrend University (Serbia), University North (Croatia), Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw (Poland) and Muhammad V University of Rabat (Morocco). The discussion at this year’s conference is closely tied to the current challenges in the modern economy, the globalization era of businesses, and new business strategies.


The meeting was opened by prof. Prof. Dr. Slobodan Pajovic, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at Megatrend University, emphasizing the importance of the conference not only for the hosts, partners and international participants, but also for the wider community. He expressed his joy over the fact that around 100 scientific papers from around the world were attended by some hundred authors from reputable international academic institutions from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.