The tribune activity of the main city has been enriched with a new address: in the building of Megatrend University in New Belgrade the “Megatrend Forum” has started, which will hold discussions on current social and political themes.

First one to talk to the public was prof. Slobodan Pajovic, PhD, who pointed out the need to have an open dialogue about the unanswered questions that are from interest to academic, but also wider audience.

The rector of the University, prof. Miodar Jevtic, PhD, greeted the present – amongst which there were both students and professors of Megatrend, and numeral public personalities – and then he mentioned the importance of this Forum: “We are opening another page, with great desire to contribute by building the society that’s based on knowledge and digitalization as a global imperative of XXI century”. Forum will, according to Jevtic’s words, have multidisciplinary character and will consider the topics that are turned towards the future.

First spokesman was Miroslav Lazanski, journalist and national envoy, who was speaking in filled, biggest amphitheater in Megatrend University about the international position of Serbia and safety challenges that are coming out because of geopolitical position of our country.

“Our foreign policy is well balanced after 2012 year, and the proclaimed military neutrality was shown to be expedient in the conditions when foreign rights are practically non-existent”, Lazanski said.

While responding to the question about the future of the idea about creating European army, Lazanski has said that this won’t happen, because it is not certain that even the European Union will survive the current turbulences. Lazanski has the opinion that NATO will not allow the creation of parallel military formations, and that is what the advocacy for founding such unions look like.

Rector of Megatrend Universiy, prof. Miodrag Jevtic, PhD, has awarded Miroslav Lazanski with the Thank – You Certificate for his long time lasting, fruitful cooperation with this high education institution.

Photos by M. Rajkovic Kaktus