The main objective of the study program of undergraduate academic studies – Aeronautics is to educate graduate transportation engineers by transferring modern theoretical and practical knowledge, competencies, abilities and skills for professional and responsible performance of activities in the field of air transportation.

The goal of the study program of Aeronautics is to educate highly-qualified personnel, qualified engineers in the field of air transportation, who are academically and professionally competent to work in commercial aviation (passengers and cargo) and in general aviation, which includes its own transport, private flying, the provision of services from the air, such as spraying, aerial photography, surveying, patrolling, search and rescue, medical transport and advertising. Also the program enables students to work in companies that are engaged in transport services of passengers or cargo terminals, administrative authorities and other state bodies, in public enterprises, the inspection services, consultancies, educational institutions, in manufacturing, as well as other organizations and institutions.

Volume of studies: 240ECTS

Upon completion of undergraduate academic studies, students acquire the title of: B.Sc. in Traffic Engineering.

Matematika 1
Fizika 8
Inženjerska grafika 8
Osnove vazdušnog saobraćaja i vazduhoplovni propisi 4
Mehanika 1 5
Matemetika 2 5
Vazduhoplovna meteorologija 17
Poznavanje vazduhoplova 1 8
Mehanika 2 5
Engleski jezik 1 5
Principi leta 9
Poznavanje vazduhoplova 28
Vazduhoplovna meteorologija 27
Engleski jezik 2 6
Performanse vazduhoplova i planiranje leta 18
Vazduhoplovna navigacija 16
Komunikacije u vazduhoplovstvu 6
Stručna praksa 1 2
Izborni predmeti grupe 1:
1. Poznavanje helikoptera
2. Pogonske grupe u vazduhoplovstvu
Engleski vazduhoplovni jezik 16
Performanse vazduhoplova i planiranje leta 28
Vazduhoplovna navigacija 2 8
Verovatnoća i statistika 18
Operativne procedure i zaštita životne sredine 4
Engleski vazduhoplovni jezik 24
Metodika izvođenja obuke u civilnoj avijaciji 15
Stručna praksa 2 2
Izborni predmeti grupe 2:
1. Avionika i IFR letenje
2. Saobraćajni geoinformacioni sistemi
Izborni predmeti grupe 3:
1. Teorija kontrole vazdušnog saobraćaja
2. Upravljanje kvalitetom u vazduhoplovstvu
Aerodromi 16
Osnovi menadžmenta u vazduhoplovstvu 14
Metodika izvođenja obuke u civilnoj avijaciji 25
Izborni predmeti grupe 4:
1. Dinamika i starenje vazduhoplovnih konstrukcija
2. Održavanje vazduhoplova
2. Održavanje vazduhoplova7
Izborni predmeti grupe 5:
1. Saradnja višečlane posade
2. Ljudske mogućnosti i ograničenja
Aerodromi 26
Upravljanje rizikom4
Upravljanje kapacitetom i protokom vazdušnog saobraćaja4
Izborni predmeti grupe 6:
1. Tehnologija vazdušnog saobraćaja
2. Računarstvo i informatika
Izborni predmeti grupe 7:
1. Verovatnoća i statistika 2
2. Osnovi menadžmenta u vazduhoplovstvu 2
Završni rad 4