The fourth session of the Megatrend Forum was, April 25, dedicated to new methods in the detection of synthetic drugs. The lecturer was Lt. Col. Sasa Gajic, Europol expert and Head of Sector at the Serbian MUP.


In the crowded hall of Megatrend, which was completed by the students of the final grades of the Paraćin School of Economics, the Despot Đurađ Agricultural School in Smederevo and the School of Economics and Commerce in Smederevo, the first was addressed by prof. Dr. Mica Jovanovic, President of the University. He spoke about the benefits of studying at Megatrend, about attractive curricula that the job market rated very well, about our university degrees that are accepted in the world without nostrification, and about investing in knowledge as the best form of investment.


“There is hope in Serbia for educated young people,” said Prof. Jovanovic also invited high school students to become involved in the world of work through knowledge and continuous learning.


Then, the guests from Smederevo and Paraćin welcomed prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtic, Rector of Megatrend, recalling other actions to which this university expresses its social responsibility.


The rich creative biography of Saša Gajić was then presented by prof. Vojkan Zorić, PhD.


Expert Gajic spoke about new methods in discovering laboratories for the production of synthetic narcotics and the dangers that young people face from drugs.


According to Gajic, the tendency for the unprofessional and dangerous production and marketing of synthetic narcotics did not bypass our country, which obliges the security authorities to constantly improve prevention and control measures. The role of the school system in this process is irreplaceable in order to prevent devastating consequences through education and awareness in a timely manner.


Sasa Gajic spoke in the full amphitheater of Megatrend University and on the production and distribution of synthetic explosives, whose detection in modern conditions is becoming increasingly complex.


At the end of the panel, moderated by prof. dr. Slobodan Pajović, expert Gajić answered the questions of high school students and students.


In the name of gratitude for the fruitful cooperation with our university, Rector Jevtic delivered a thank you note to Sasa Gajic.