Undergraduate Studies of Business and Management

The syllabus and the curriculum of Undergraduate studies of business and management at the Faculty of Management in Zajecar are created in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Serbia as well as Standards and additional recommendations required for the purposes of accreditation.

AIMS: The main aim of Undergraduate studies of business and management is enabling students to gain overall business competences in manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies as professionals on the lower and middle management levels who are capable of managing and analyzing various economic parameters of business activities. The top qualities of both the curriculum and the studying is guaranteed by dedicated professionals, well-known world partners and excellent students.

RESULTS: The study programme is conceived in order to give graduates the ability:

  • To analyze, deduce and predict solutions in management, organization, computer science and marketing;
  • To approach the management and financing of companies, product research and development, market mechanisms, production processes, HR, etc. as well as monitoring and evaluation of a company’s economic activity under various operating conditions
  • To monitor and evaluate a company’s economic activity under various operating conditions and using various methods, procedures and processes
  • To apply theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • To develop communication skills and all forms of verbal, non-verbal and written means of business communication;
  • To respect business code of conduct;
  • To employ the knowledge gained in different subjects such as management, entrepreneurship, financial management and accounting, computer systems, foreign languages. HR management and natural resources;
  • To solve actual problems in the fields listed above, using scientific methods and IT supported systems;
  • To monitor and apply new accomplishments in the sphere of management paying special attention to the development of entrepreneurship;
  • to orient themselves both theoretically and practically in the market economy and actively use modern IT systems and incorporate them in everyday business activities.


Students are required to take an entrance exam which is in an elective subject area; the electives are computer science, mathematics entrepreneurship and enterprise economics, out of which student opt for two.


Upon completion, students are awarded the title of Vocational Manager.

Enterprise Economics
Business English 17
Optional courses:

- Business Sociology
- Entrepreneurship
Natural Resource Management8
Marketing management8
HR Management8
Business English 27
Financial Accounting10
Business Statistics9
Optional courses:

- Business Law
- Production management
Environmental Management and Sustainable Development6
Business Analysis10
Enterprise Management6
Business Organization
Monetary and Public Finances8
Business English 38
Optional courses:

- Market Communications Strategies
- Project Management
- Introduction to Industrial Technologies

Professional practice6