Božin Jovanović (1920 – 2011)


Bozin Jovanovic was born in 1920 in the village of Novo Korito, near Knjaževac. Immediately after the war, he was Director of Timok coal mines, which consisted of the 17 coal mines. For many years he was the President of the District of Zajecar. He was a General Manager of the Mining-Smelting Basin Bor for a decade (1965-1975). It was the time of the powerful step forward in the development of the industry of copper manufactoring  and building many new facilities, as well as the city of Bor and the Krajina region as a whole. He was the President of the Business Community ’Jugobakar’. At that time Božin Jovanovic and ’Jugobakar’ participated, among other projects, in the construction of various infrastructure facilities in Belgrade, such as Sava Centre. He was the Head of the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce, after which he got retired.

He was also the President of the Yugoslav delegation at the Interparliamentary Union, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in 3 mandates; a member of the innermost circle at the President’s cabinet of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia (1965-1969), and the President of Franco-Jugoslav Bank in Paris (1968-1972).

Mr Jovanovic received numerous awards and honours during his career: Medal of Bravery First Order in 1951; The Order of the Yugoslav Star with sash; The Order of the Heroes of the Socialist Order; The Order of the Yugoslav flag with golden rays; The Order of the Red Banner of Labour; The Order of Merit for The People of the second order; The Order of Brotherhood and Unity of the second order; The Order of the Devoted Work; National Service Medal with The Golden Star; The Order of Military Merit of the Second Order; The Order of the Brotherhood and Unity with The Golden Wreath; The Order of the Republic with The Golden Wreath … and many other distinctions, of which 11 received from the President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

Megatrend University award Honorary Doctorate to Mr. Božin Jovanovic for all his contribution in the development and improvement of Economic Management and Public Affairs. His fruitful scientific and publishing legacy lives through six separate monographs on topics of economic and cultural-historical development of the country and more than 40 articles in professional journals and newspapers.

He is the father of Mica Jovanovic, the Megatrend University’s founder.