Prof. Mića Jovanović, PhD



Professor Dr Mića Jovanović,

Professor Mića Jovanović was born in Knjaževac, Eastern Serbia, on January 28, 1953. He finished high school in Bor (1972) and graduated from Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade in 1976. He acquired a master’s degree in the field of work sociology from the same faculty in 1979, and a PhD degree in organizational sciences from University of Maribor, Republic of Slovenia in 1991 (COBISS, Republika Slovenija: Immediately after graduation in 1976 he started his university career to be elected full-time university professor in 1996.

Between 1976 and 1991 he taught at Belgrade University (with pauses due to his stays in Great Britain) and after 1991 at Megatrend Business School. In the period between 1997 and 1999 he held the position of Dean of Graduate School of Management in Zaječar. He was elected Rector of Megatrend University in Belgrade in 1999.

Between 1983 and 1989 he was a member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology research team on the project entitled “The Future of Automobile Industry Operations Focusing on Production Process Robotization”. Professor Jovanović has been the President of International Expert Consortium in London since 1991.

He served two terms as the member of Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Executive Committee (EAMSA), with headquarters in Tokyo and Berlin.

He is the President of General Cosmology Research Laboratory in Paris.

Professor Jovanović has been granted the title of the ”Grand Commander” of the British Order of the Fleur de Lys.

He is also the winner of the Cultural and Educational Community Award of the City of Belgrade: ‘The Golden Badge’ for his book “Intercultural Management”  published in 2002.

For excellent results in entrepreneurship, educational projects and his contribution to our cultural environment during 2003 and 2004 he was officially nominated (2004 and 2005) as “the Businessman of the Year”, thus being ranked among the top most successful businessmen in the country.

In 2006, he received ‘Zlatni beocug’, the prestigious award for his continuous contribution to Belgrade culture.

In 2007, he was awarded the International Socrates Award in Oxford for „the highest achievements in science, education and culture in the 20th century“.

In the organization of the European Movement and the First European House, professor Dr. Mića Jovanović was given ‘The Best European’ award for the year of 2007, for the achievements in science, culture and education.

At the international awards ceremony, organized by the European Assembly in Vienna, held on December 8, 2008, Megatrend University and professor Dr. Mića Jovanović, its Rector, were awarded the prestigious European Quality Award in the field of education.

In 2009, professor Jovanović was voted an expert of the Social-Economic Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Professor Mića Jovanović also received the prestigious Italian award, the Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, for outstanding contribution to Euro-Atlantic integrations in 2009.

In 2010, the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia awarded professor Dr. Mića Jovanović, Rector of the Megatrend University, the Golden Badge for his contribution to the cultural development of Serbia.

In June 2011, and within the competition organized by Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad and „Media Invent“, Novi Sad professor Mića Jovanović was voted the Manager of the Year.

In February 2013, Megatrend University Rector, professor dr. Mića Jovanović was awarded the prestigious Civil Service Award by the Spanish King, Juan Carlos I of Spain at the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.


Professor Mića Jovanović is the holder of Doctoris Honoris Causa, awarded by Universidad del Norte, the renowned Latin American University from Paraguay in 2012.

In June 2017, professor Mića Jovanović was granted „the Ambassador of Knowledge“ award by Life Learning Academia for his great contribution to the development of higher education in Europe and the world. The ceremony was held at Brdo pri Kranju, Republic of Slovenia.

Professor Jovanović has been a member of the Serbian Writers’ Club since 2008.

Mića Jovanović is a Karate master, the holder of the 5th Dan.

Mića Jovanović is an outstanding musician, playing both rock’n’roll and classical guitar.

Professor Jovanović is the author of over 80 scientific and professional papers and books published both in the country and abroad. He presented his papers at more than 30 international and home scientific conferences and conventions.


The published works

– Selected titles –


  • Социологија самоуправљања, Трибина, Београд, 1982.
  • 69 лекција о менаџменту, Мегатренд, Београд, 1991.
  • Work Motivation and Self-Management, Megatrend IEC, London, 2002.
  • Интеркултурни менаџмент, Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2002.
  • Бизнис као уметност живљења, Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2008.
  • Business as Life Style, Megatrend International Expert Consortium Limited, London, 2008.
  • Увод у бизнис, Мегатренд, универзитет, Београд, 2008.
  • Радна мотивација у првим годинама совјетске власти – историјски есеј из XX века, Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2008.
  • Ум царује – Историја Мегатренд универзитета, Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2010.
  • Lifestyle in Globalization (ed.), Megatrend University, Belgrade, 2013.

Co-author books:

  • What is Behind the Japanese Miracle(са Sung-Jo Parkom), Megatrend IEC, London–Berlin–Tokyo, 1992.
  • Организационо понашање (са Мирјаном Петковић), Мегатренд / Економски факултет Универзитета у Београду, 1992.
  • Стратегијски менаџмент (са Аном Ланговић), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2001.
  • Управљање пројектима (са Аном Ланговић), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2001.
  • Организационо понашање (са Момчилом Живковићем и Татјаном Цветковски), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2003.
  • Управљање људским ресурсима (са Живком Кулићем и Татјаном Цветковски), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2004.
  • Предузетништво (са Момчилом Живковићем и Аном Ланговић), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2004.
  • Интеркултурни изазови глобализације (са Аном Ланговић), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2006.
  • Global Cultural and Economic Research(са Sung-Jo Parkom), Lit Verlag, Berlin, 2006.
  • System Transformation in Comparative Perspektive(са Lee Dalgon, Oh Yeon-Cheonom, Sung-Jo Parkom, Bernhardom Seligerom), Lit Verlag, Berlin, 2006.
  • Пре Великог праска (са Игором Богдановим и Гришком Богдановим), Мегатренд универзитет, Београд, 2006.

The most important journal and conference papers:

  • „Reality versus theory in Yugoslav self-management society“, u Brierley, B. (ed.): Trade Unions and the Economic Crisis of the 1980s, Gower Press, London, 1987.
  • „Yugo-America: A challenge to the self-management organization of labour in Yugoslavia“, u Dankbaar, B., Jurgens, U., Malsch, T. (eds.): Die Zukunft der Arbeit in der Automobilindustrie, WZB, Berlin, 1988. (Istraživački projekat MIT-a).
  • „Reality versus ideology in Trade Union Organization of self-management society“, Europa ’92: dal micro al macro e ritorno esperienze e problemi di negoziazione – imprenditori, sindicati, e istituzioni a confronto, Comunita Europea, CGIL, Bologna, 1989.
  • „Yugo-America: the first socialist car in the United States – How the Americans made ‘perestroika’ in the Yugoslav car industry – improvement in work motivation and productivity“, Recontres Europeennes – L’Europe de 1992, Alpexpo, Grenoble, 1989.
  • „What Japanese managers could learn at Yugoslavian business schools“, INSEAD Conference, Fontainebleau, February, 1991.
  • „The business of the century: the de-coupling of business and self-management“, Park, S. J., (eds.): Technology and Labour in the Automotive Industry, Seoul International Symposium, Campus-Verlag, Frankfurt/New York, 1991.
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  • „Civil war as the strategic response to the New World Order (war managers must be replaced by market managers)“, EAMSA Annual Conference, Bradford, November 27-29, 1992.
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  • „Research in the Bor Mining and Smelting Corporation – Self-management in contemporary Yugoslav society“, Park, S. J. (ed.): System Transformation in Comparative Perspective, LIT Verlag, Berlin, 2006.