Miloš Šobajić (1945 – 2021)


Professor Miloš Šobajić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, after which he lived and worked in Paris for many years, creating a large number of works of art. A series of television films and reports have been made about Miloš Šobajić’s work at home and abroad, while the bibliographical data about him contain more than seven hundred texts. The most famous contemporary world art critics have expressed their compliments for his work.

Being one of the most prominent Serbian artists, he has marked the development of the Faculty of Arts and Design at Megatrend University, where he was appointed Dean in 2005. All these years he has been a devoted friend of Megatrend University. Professor Šobajić is characterized by an inexhaustible energy, extraordinary talent and artistic style, making him recognizable throughout the world. The whole previous working life of Professor Šobajić represents a great artistic endeavor, through numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world: in France, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, China, Egypt, Russia, and other countries.

Upon unanimously reaching the decision on awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Miloš Šobajić, Megatrend University Senate expressed undivided belief of all Megatrend University professors in this act to promote the Megatrend University concept, strategy and results, into which the personality and work of Professor Šobajić have been integrated.

His artistic work together with human simplicity and humanism, have brought him not only the undivided affection of his colleagues, but also some of the highest awards. As Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, he has been contributing to the development of this institution, which aims to become one of the leading art academies in the world.

By awarding this honorary title to Professor Miloš Šobajić in 2011, Megatrend University is expressing its gratitude for his contribution to the success of the educational philosophy of the University.